Aged Care

This care guide is organised into four headings to help you find the information you require. Information for you to reference and keep you up to date is provided under Guidelines & Factsheets. The Key Questions section offer a simple set of metrics you can use to assess how well your practice is meeting relevant guidelines and best practices. You will find links to relevant resources and websites under the Links section. MBS Item numbers and care pathways are provided under the MBS / Pathways section.

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Do we provide Health Assessments for those over 75 and/or in an Aged Care Facility?

Explanation of measure Rationale Action

Annual health assessments provide:

  • Updated and consistent health information to support active ageing;
  • Confirmation and clarification on conditions and care required to support access to services;
  • Platform for care planning.
Health assessments support access to and better use of Aged Care services. Aged Care Action Plan

Do we support care planning for those with dementia?

Explanation of measure Rationale Action
Dementia care plans support planning of ADL and behaviour management strategies.  Understanding and being able to manage dementia behaviour supports the principle care relationship. Dementia care plans support the carer. Under development

Do we support Medication Management for those with 5+ medications?

Explanation of measure Rationale Action
Medication Management reviews support better patient understanding of what medications they take for what purpose, how and when to take them. Studies show that up to 25% of hospital admissions for those over 75 are due to incorrect over and/or under medication. Under development

Do we have systems in place to support active care planning with RACF, Home Care providers and families of those over 75?

Explanation of measure Rationale Action
Active care planning and a multi-team approach improves the care of the patient.  Active communication with families reduces miscommunication and improves the patient journey. Access to the right service at the right time helps everyone. Under development


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