Mental Health

This care guide is organised into four headings to help you find the information you require. Information for you to reference and keep you up to date is provided under Guidelines & Factsheets. The Key Questions section offer a simple set of metrics you can use to assess how well your practice is meeting relevant guidelines and best practices. You will find links to relevant resources and websites under the Links section. MBS Item numbers and care pathways are provided under the MBS / Pathways section.

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Have the GP's in the Practice completed the GP Mental Health Skills Training?

Explanation of measure Rationale Action
The number of MHTP against those with a diagnosed mental health condition, indicates the active management of the condition. The active planning and complicated use of medication in Mental health management can be supported by an annual clinical audit and review of Mental health treatment supported by a lead clinical advisory partner ( i.e. DATIS). From the RACGP Mental Health Standards 2014-2016. How to access training.

Do we record Mental Health diagnosis in our records?

Explanation of measure Rationale Action
Mental Health conditions are frequently uncoded and information on the condition included in free text. Significantly a large proportion of Mental Health medications are also prescribed without reason for medication. Given that anti-depressants and anti-psychotics are often contradicted and or require advice from the GP not to mix, and or require medication monitoring; it is good clinical practice to record both a coded diagnosis of the condition and the reason for prescribing. Mental Health conditions and medications require monitoring and support which is limited if not recorded. How to check and record.

Do we provide Mental Health Treatment Plans to support our patients in managing their conditions?

Explanation of measure Rationale Action
Mental Health Skills training improves the GP capacity to provide immediate counselling, assessment and potential referral of patients. Practices with MHST Providers know how Mental Health services are funded and delivered; they also have capacity to provide incidental/at time of counselling. MHTP support the referral to other providers and support the Patient in their capacity to mange their condition. How to check, what is involved in a MHTP.

Do we have up to date resources and links for Mental Health conditions on our desktops, or in the waiting room?

Explanation of measure Rationale Action
Mental Health organisations and services issue, host and publish a vast range of resources to support providers and consumers. Many of these resources support the Consumers ability to improve self management, identify triggers and or recognise their symptoms. Resources need to be updated and refreshed to ensure accuracy and relevance. There are valuable resources and support organisation for Mental Health. What resources and organisations are available.



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