Clinical and Community Governance

Clinical Councils

Country SA PHN will establish and maintain GP-led Clinical Councils that will report on clinical issues to the PHN Board decisions on the unique needs of their respective communities, including in rural and remote areas.

While GP-led, it is expected that Clinical Councils will comprise other health professionals, including but not limited to nurses, allied and community health, Aboriginal health workers, specialists and hospital representatives. Clinical Councils will assist PHNs to develop local strategies to improve the operation of the health care system for patients in the PHN, facilitating effective primary health care provision to reduce avoidable hospital presentations and admissions. Clinical Councils will be expected to work in partnership with LHNs in this regard.

Clinical Councils will also be expected to report to and influence their PHN Boards on opportunities to improve medical and health care services through strategic, cost-effective investment and innovation. They will act as the regional champions of locally relevant clinical care pathways designed to streamline patient care, improve the quality of care and utilise existing health resources efficiently to improve health outcomes. This will include pathways between hospital and general practice that influence the follow-up treatment of patients.

Pathways to be prioritised will be those that align with national or PHN specific priorities, including ensuring population cohorts experiencing chronic and complex conditions are better and more efficiently managed within the primary health care system. Where relevant, Clinical Councils in neighbouring PHNs will be expected to work together to ensure that pathways follow patient flows including across PHN boundaries.

Clinical Councils will work in tandem with Community Advisory Committees.

Community Advisory Committees

A critical component of the Primary Health Networks programme is the Commonwealth mandate to establish and maintain Community Advisory Committees.

The Country SA PHN has a number of Community Advisory Committees covering much of the PHN catchment:

These Committees are essential to provide the community perspective to the Country SA PHN Board and ensure that decisions, investments are innovations are patient centred, cost-effective, locally relevant and aligned to local care experiences and expectations.

The members of these committees bring a range of local, professional, governance and lived experience skills that contribute to an effective committee environment. Country SA PHN values the range of information these committees provide on local health, education, social and transport issues.

Our Community Advisory Committees are supported by our Regional Strategies team who are currently in negotiation with other like-minded groups who have expressed an interest in being involved. We anticipate that we will soon have Community Advisory Committees in Kangaroo Island, the Fleurieu Peninsula and in the Limestone Coast.

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