Did you know Topbar links directly to HealthPathways?

General practices with access to PenCS Topbar are a simple one-click away from quick and easy access to the HealthPathways SA website.

HealthPathways SA is a free online portal for general practices and other health professionals to easily access current, evidence-based assessment, management and localised referral resources for specific health conditions.

A click on HealthPathways SA App will open the linked site without the need to login. The benefit to clinicians is quick and easy access to the resources within HealthPathways SA directly from Topbar.

When the GP or Nurse opens a patient in their clinical system it will show the HealthPathways SA App.

The App sits above your session of MedicalDirector, Best Practice and others for easy access.

When you click the App, it will open the HealthPathways SA page and let you search as normal.

When finished on the page, it can be closed as a normal webpage and the App will remain active.

Once opened after the first use, the actual webpage is directly accessible from the icon.

For further information about how your practice can access this tool, contact

For more on HealthPathways SA visit:

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