My Health Record

National Digital Health Record System

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My Health Record is a secure online summary of an individual’s health information and is available to all Australians. Healthcare providers authorised by their healthcare organisation can access My Health Record to view and add patient health information.

Through the My Health Record system you can access timely information about your patients such as shared health summaries, discharge summaries, prescription and dispense records, pathology reports and diagnostic imaging reports.

Shared health summaries

CSAPHN has been actively supporting healthcare providers in Country South Australia to connect to, upload and utilise My Health Record since its inception in 2012.

Most of the health information being uploaded to My Health Record is loading passively through other systems such as MBS, PBS and the AIR. Shared Health Summaries and Event Summaries can be uploaded by a patients regular GP, as well as patients themselves can manually add information to their own My Health Record.

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Electronic prescriptions are here

The My Health Record website is a great reference point for healthcare provider information and resources for patients, please visit My Health Record or contact if you have any questions.

Our digital health team would be happy to assist you with getting started with My Health Record.

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