Cervical Screening Provider Course

Wednesday 4 May 2022, 8.45am - 5.00pm

This interactive course will cover the theoretical knowledge and clinical skills necessary to become a Cervical Screening Provider.

This course includes an online learning module and assessment, a face-to-face theory workshop and an optional clinical component. Participants who work within a general practice or community health service and who require cervical screening skills as part of their practice will benefit most from the course.

Participants in the theory component will:

  • develop a deeper understanding of the National Cervical Screening Program guidelines
  • learn how to approach consultation and opportunistic STI testing
  • engage with practical learning demonstrations
  • develop clinical skills with the support of a Sexual Health Teaching Associate

Cost: Theory Course: $635
Theory and Clinical component at SHINE SA: $920 - This option is limited to a maximum of 4 participants per scheduled course.
Theory and clinical in your own workplace with a SHINE SA Approved Cervical Screening Preceptor: $780

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