Preventing Disease

Protecting you and your family

Stop the spread

Immunisation is a safe and effective way of protecting you and your family against a range of diseases. If enough people are immunised, the infection can no longer spread easily from person to person and eventually the disease dies out altogether. For example, as a direct result of immunisation, polio has disappeared from many countries and small pox has been completely wiped out.

Child immunisations

Young children, particularly babies, do not have the well-developed immune system that older children and adults have. Most vaccinations need to be given several times to build long lasting protection – this is why it is important for children to complete the full recommended schedule of vaccinations at the recommended times.

Risk of Not Getting Immunisation

Why should I get vaccinated?

Prevent disease with vaccinations

In most instances, it is possible to catch up missed/overdue vaccinations so please speak with your immunisation provider. Some immunisations, cannot be given later than the recommended time. Not completing the full course of vaccinations can leave children and adults unprotected and still at risk of getting the disease. It is still vitally important for children and adults to be fully vaccinated.

Speak to your GP

It is important to speak to your GP or immunisation provider if you have any questions about immunisations for yourself or your child/children.

Immunisation Vidoes

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