Country Practice Retreat

Saturday 20 March to Sunday 21 March 2021, starting at 9.00am

Rural Doctors attending this Retreat will:

  • discover that they have choices which ultimately influence their quality of life
  • make decisions about what they would like to change to improve their lives as rural GPs
  • develop strategies (including time management, communication, self-talk, self-awareness, saying no, dealing with -perfectionism etc) to assist with change
  • deal with obstacles or barriers to change, including internal (self-talk, high expectations, perfectionism) and external (workload, others’ demands, lack of resources, financial and family pressures) barriers
  • network with other rural doctors and share strategies for dealing with the challenges of rural practice

There is no registration fee thanks to the Country SA PHN and some financial support is available for accommodation and where travel is significant. Doctors’ Health SA encourages doctors to bring their families for the weekend as well.

**To ensure the full impact of the program numbers are limited to 10 rural doctor participants.

Registrations are NOW OPENdownload registration form and email to Kiara Cannizzaro, Program Manager, or fax to Doctors' Health SA 08 8232 4116.

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