Country SA care finders connect, learn and collaborate

In June, country SA care finders gathered in Port Pirie with Helen Morley, care finder lead, to enjoy a day of learning, connection and collaboration. Supporting the commissioned service providers care finder workforce to be together, created a great sense of mutual purpose and much conversation, with many care finders meeting for the first time.

We welcomed several speakers, including Country SA PHN, Bridget Kennelly, Manager Community Collaborations, speaking on the Community Advisory Committees role and achievements, and Litza Meyers, Clinical Coordinator speaking on HealthPathways. In addition, we were lucky to have two members of the Department of Health and Aged Care, country SA Stewardship Team spend the day with us, they shared their roles and how care finders can connect. There was a lively conversation session between the Department and care finders, on what is working well in the Aged Care Sector and what aspects generate barriers for the older people care finders support.

We heard from care finders who have been part of local interagency collaborations, and learned from a care finder manager about the details of the new Integrated Assessment Tool which really informed the group ahead of the tool implementation date in July.  

An interactive workshop facilitated by Sandra Fuchs; Senior Manager of Country North Homelessness Alliance, was a timely continuation of the foundational work as Country SA PHN, with GPEx and Sandra Fuchs develop an innovative, online education module for country SA care finders on Homelessness.   

Helen Morley said, “We all left feeling upbeat, better connected and keener to enhance collaborations across country SA which is so crucial as the care finder program continues to evolve.

Visit the Country SA PHN website for more information on the care finder program and how to contact a care finder service in country SA.

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