EOI Recall Pilot for General Practice - Heart Health Checks

Would you like to implement quality improvement activities for PIP QI and improve patient outcomes?

The Heart Foundation and Healthily are giving up to 200 eligible practices an opportunity to participate in a Heart Health Check recall pilot.

We are inviting eligible practices to participate in a Heart Health Check recall pilot to be implemented from February 2021. The pilot project aims to increase the number of Australians having their CVD risk assessed by providing general practices with an efficient system to recall eligible patients and the supportive tools and resources to conduct Heart Health Checks. Recall activities will be supported by GoShare Plus, an SMS recall tool that is embedded within CAT4.

Participation in the pilot will also assist with meeting the requirements for the Practice Incentive Program Quality Improvement – Measure 8 ‘Proportion of patients with the necessary risk factors assessed to enable CVD assessment’.

Eligible patients will also receive preventative health resources by SMS to increase their understanding of CVD risk factors and Heart Health Checks.

Please refer to the attached expressions of interest form, which provides details on practice eligibility, including benefits to your practice, pilot timeline and practice requirements.

Register your interest here

Applications close 30th November 2020.

The Heart Foundation and Healthily are looking forward to supporting your practice to improve the heart health of your patients.

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