Palliative Care Volunteering

Wednesday 6 December 2023, 2.00pm - 3.00pm

Why attend?
This PCSA PalliCHA T Hot Topic Education Webinar Series brings together experts who will share their knowledge and insights about the importance of this topic for people experiencing serious illness, dying, grief and caregiving.

Who are the speakers?

  • Linda Hansen is the CEO of Palliative Care ACT and the former CEO of Palliative Care NSW, where she lead the team for 19 years. Both Palliative Care ACT and Palliative Care NSW have large and well established palliative care volunteering programs.
  • Heike Fleischmann is Volunteer Engagement & Capacity Building Manager at Palliative Care Victoria. Heike is the lead of their successful statewide volunteering program.

Who can attend?
The webinar is designed for people across SA who support people experiencing a serious illness, dying, grief and caregiving. This is a relevant for people who work or volunteer across the health, social and community sectors, including (but not limited to) volunteer managers/ coordinators, volunteers, doctors, nurses, social workers, allied health staff, paramedics, academics, case workers, administrative staff, spiritual care workers, community development workers, managers, educators.

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