The Great Gum Flat Adventure at Minlagawi

Thursday 7 October 2021, 10.00am - 1.00pm

Come and join the Great Gum Flat Adventure at Minlagawi!!  In celebration of the Nature Festival for all ages, participate in a range of activities, including cubby building, nature art and craft, trail walking, Nharangga connections, adult and kid-friendly yoga and dance, scavenger hunts, watching birds and water bugs, and lots more! Feel free to engage in unstructured nature play or join in with hosted sessions for a variety of age groups and interests. Pack a picnic basket and rug and enjoy morning tea or lunch in the sunshine, along with a free hot drink by Archie's Bistro! Explore Minlagawi Gum Flat and enjoy the great outdoors during the Spring holidays!

Breaking news - Discover the newly constructed mountain bike trail! Either bring along your bike or run and walk it to uncover all the secret spots it goes! (mountain bike trail is approximately 1.1 km long)

Children must be accompanied by a supervising adult. Please also order a ticket for the adult(s) during registration.

Come and go from the following activities:

  • Nharangga connections
  • Adult and kid-friendly outdoor yoga
  • Waterwatch waterbugs
  • Nature art
  • Nature scavenger bracelets and warrior arm bands
  • Self-guided trail walks
  • Adult and kid-friendly outdoor dance to Move Well
  • Nature scavenger hunt
  • Bird spotting
  • Cubby building (enjoy your picnic in your cubby if you like!)
  • Wooden log round art
  • Nature faces
  • plus lots of forest and parkland to explore!!

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