Healthily GoShare Diabetes Self-Management Education & Patient Recall Program for General Practice still open for participation

It has been identified during the COVID-19 pandemic, GP practices had limited opportunity to provide health assessments and support to their patients with diabetes. This has increased the risk of diabetes complications in this patient group and highlights the need for intervention strategies to support them.

The campaign provides Practices with access to GoShare Plus; an innovative health promotion tool that is integrated with CAT4 (PENCAT). GoShare Plus enables practices to send patients a series of 3 or 4 content bundles sent by SMS over 4 weeks. Each SMS includes an embedded link to subject matter expert-approved resources. An optional 4th SMS message will recall patients for a GPMP/TCA or diabetes cycle of care appointment. The recall is optional with several practices choosing to only send out the SMS bundle information to their diabetes patients.

The information is designed to improve patients’ health literacy and reduce their risk of diabetes complications. Topics cover diabetic eye disease, foot care, dietary advice, and access to resources such as the National Diabetes Services Scheme (NDSS).

The cost of the bundles is free, and a 15-minute training session is provided to your practice staff to identify eligible patients through PenCS.

Feedback from general practices who have participated has been very positive with 97% of patients rating the first information bundle on eye care " helpful" or "very helpful" so the campaign has been very well received by patients.

Expression of Interest can be accessed here 

Please contact for further information.

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