National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) Certificate

Country SA PHN will provide any support and/or information to IT providers as it emerges from the software vendors.

In 2012 when we started working with General Practice on the use of the Healthcare Identifier Service and the need for a NASH certificate (National Authentication Service for Health) to exchange health information, it was strongly associated with the purpose of the My Health Record, which still uses that function.

Registration systems have improved greatly since 2012, it will require the Principle of the Practice to be active – to check that it is correctly set up.

Without this framework of clinical information storage, the tracking and linking of COVID-19 vaccinations to individuals and their ability to access them could not have been achieved.

For those sites who have not implemented this function, and for those who don’t maintain it, it will start to have a significant impact upon their capacity to share health information when they need to.

The new structure implemented by Services Australia validating naming conventions, and business details against the Australian Business Register will require a quick stocktake to make sure everything lines up as it moves to MBS Web Services.

These changes may require health care providers to update their configuration with the Healthcare Identifier Service – essentially for each location which has a Minor ID, it will need a correlating HealthCare Provider Identifier Organisation. Previous use of the same HPI-O number and NASH certificate will not meet the unique location identifier required in the exchange of healthcare information.

We have less than four weeks to support all sites with the transition. It cannot be delayed anymore. We are here to help. For those health providers needing support please reach out so we can guide you through the processes and confirm that you are ready.

Please contact to book a during or after-hours remote session.

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