Navigating the Challenges of Managing Persons with Diabetes who have Cognitive Impairment & the importance of connection

Wednesday 24 November 2021, 11.30am - 12.45pm

The focus of this webinar is Navigating the challenges of managing persons with diabetes who have cognitive impairment and the importance of social connections.

The impact of cognitive impairment in sustaining self-care in persons with diabetes mellitus is under-recognised and under-appreciated. As a result, patients do not receive optimal care. With an ageing society and multimorbidity increasing, it is crucial for clinicians to understand the nature and impact of cognitive impairment on a patient in order to successfully manage their chronic health conditions.

This webinar addresses the challenges in navigating the management of persons with diabetes mellitus and dementia and the importance of connection with the patient, community services and the hospital.
The webinar will work through a case study with a fast paced panel discussion to demonstrate application of theory into clinical practice. Hosted in collaboration with Monash University and with thanks to Dementia Training Australia for initial support in establishing the program.

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