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Medication Management and Polypharmacy in Older Persons

Polypharmacy is the prescribing of multiple medications which is more likely to occur in older persons due to increased prevalence of chronic diseases. Prescribing for this population is complex, requiring a balance between managing disease and minimising adverse drug reactions.

Reviewing medications can lower the risk of under treatment and over prescribing. Ongoing review of medication regimens is necessary as patients' individual goals of care will change over time. Reducing the complexity of the drug regimen may also improve adherence and medication experience.

Polypharmacy is common in older persons. Inappropriate polypharmacy can increase harm to patients and health care costs. The Medication Management and Polypharmacy in Older Persons pathway provides a step-by-step approach to reviewing older persons’ medication regimes. It lists medications with higher risk, medication combinations to consider avoiding if possible, and common adverse drug reactions to look out for. The pathway links to specific screening tools, detailed patient and clinician deprescribing information for common medications and highlights the importance of a team approach and clear communication within the healthcare team.”. Dr Anna Billington, GP Clinical Editor 

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