Measles case in a child visiting metropolitan Adelaide

08 May 2018 - Measles case in a child visiting metropolitan Adelaide

SA Health has been notified of an overseas acquired case of measles in an 8 month old female interstate resident. The case was in the settings listed below whilst infectious and people in these settings at the specified times may have been exposed: 

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Management of Gonococcal Infections

1 May 2018 - Management of Gonococcal Infections

Two cases of gonorrhoea with high level resistance to ceftriaxone, azithromycin, ciprofloxacin, penicillin
and tetracycline were diagnosed in Australia in March 2018. One case had recent sex in south east Asia,
the other case had no recent overseas travel so it is likely there are undetected cases. No cases have been
reported in South Australia. Emergence of this gonococcal strain in Australia is of concern, as treatment is
complex and may require intravenous antibiotics.

Initial investigations for suspected gonorrhoea

  • Take a urine or swab for nucleic acid amplification testing (NAAT).
  • Take a swab for culture from any exposed sites (urethra, cervix, pharynx, rectum) in people with symptoms (discharge, dysuria) or recent history of overseas travel. 
  • Following a NAAT positive test, take a swab for culture before treatment.
  • Culture of Neisseria gonorrhoeae is critical for detecting antimicrobial resistance.

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