Preparing for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Thursday 1 June to Friday 30 June 2023

Bowel cancer is the third most common type of cancer and the second deadliest cancer behind Lung Cancer in Australia. 

In preparation for Bowel Cancer Awareness Month and Red Apple Day, Pen CS has the Stand Up to Cancer' booklet available for sharing with your General Practices and Aboriginal Medical Services.

This booklet supports practices to use CAT Plus to better manage cancer. This includes the following bowel cancer recipes:

•             Increasing Bowel Cancer Screening Participation Rates

•             Identifying under-screened populations for bowel cancer

•             Patients turning 50 in the next three months eligible for bowel cancer screening

June is the perfect opportunity to register with GoShare taking the opportunity to utilise free SMS messages to recall and support patients with Bowel Screening messages.

Once registered, Healthily will organise training for practice staff on how to identify the patients through your Pencat data which takes approximately 15 minutes.  This activity will also support PIP QI activities and Accreditation.

Country SA PHN GoShare Expression of Interest - click here to register.

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