Preventing and Managing Frailty

Frailty is a common, clinically recognisable state of increased vulnerability in older adults, more common in those aged >80 years.[1]

As the population ages, the number of older people with frailty is expected to increase. In Country South Australia the current population of individuals over 80 years is expected to increase from a current 9.5% to an estimated 13.5% of the population by 2030.[2]

It is anticipated that by the year 2027, 609,306 older people in Australia will be frail and a further 2.25 million will be pre-frail.[3]

Frailty in remote-living Aboriginal Australians is highly prevalent; substantially higher than in other populations.[4] 

Early identification of at-risk individuals, and intervention on those components that are first affected, gives the best chance of prevention or reversal of frailty.

HealthPathways SA supports health professionals in the assessment, diagnosis and management of frailty via the following new pathway and associated referral pages:

“The frailty pathway was developed with the expertise of Professor Renuka Visvanathan and Dr Mark Q Thompson. The pathway provides an evidence-based guide on frailty screening and management. Preventing and managing frailty helps to ensure people remain healthy as they age, have a better quality of life, and prevent hospitalisations.” GP Clinical Editor, Dr Toni Maldari

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