Regional Immunisation Champion comes to Ardrossan

22 March 2021

Do you have concerns about immunisations and need professional information and support? Do you know if you and your family are up to date with your immunisations? A new program to support nurses, general practitioners and assist the Yorke Peninsula and Northern community with immunisation education is now operating in Ardrossan.

The Champion Immunisation Nurse Program is funded by Country SA PHN. The program aims to  improve community awareness of the vaccine program and the importance of the timeliness of vaccines, address vaccine hesitancy and increase immunisation uptake.               

“Country SA PHN is seeking to address childhood immunisation rates and other vaccine preventable diseases across the entirety of rural and remote South Australia via the commissioned Champion Immunisation Nurse program,” Country SA PHN, Chief Executive Officer, Kim Hosking said.

“Having a ‘regional champion’ to provide expertise and support to providers and information and advice to the local community is a great service for country South Australians.”

The Champion Immunisation Nurse for the Yorke and North region is Kathryn Cameron. Based at Medical HQ, in Ardrossan since mid-February, Kathryn is assisting nurses and general practitioners by providing immunisation program expertise and support to address vaccine hesitancy and identify barriers to vaccine uptake. Kathryn has a specific focus on flu, adult whooping cough, Over 70 and immunisations for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander populations.

Kathryn says the program is filling a void for clear, professional up to date immunisation information for the community, in addition to their regular medical appointments.

“People do have lots of questions they would like answered around safe immunisation and it’s great to be able to provide the community with the research and the science that is there for safe vaccination,” Kathryn said.

“Helping allay people’s concerns by providing immunisation education and advice for all ages can only be a positive thing.”                                                        

The Champion Immunisation Nurse can also assist people with their immunisation history and ensuring they are up to date with the current schedule. Kathryn is also working with practices to put in place patient immunisation reminder and recall systems.

Kathryn says while the program is not specifically about COVID-19 vaccinations she is able to provide information about the vaccine if required. This assistance may extend to helping people access their Medicare records and their immunisation history statements and assistance with using health apps.

Keep an eye out for Kathryn in the local community including The Yorke on a Fork Wellness fair, visiting the Country Women’s Association, Point Pearce community, the Ardrossan Men’s Shed and local community events – promoting and talking about all things immunisation.

For immunisation assistance consult your local medical centre who can contact Kathryn in her role as the Champion Nurse Immunisation for the Yorke and North region.


Immunisation Hub

The establishment of the Champion Immunisation Nurse program is a key component of the Immunisation Hub. The Hub is a joint program of Country SA PHN and Adelaide PHN working to improve vaccination coverage for all south Australians.

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