Research Opportunity: Promoting Oral Healthcare among women in perimenopause/menopause

Women are at higher risk of developing oral health problems during menopause. These oral health problems can significantly affect their quality of life. However, there is currently limited evidence on the oral health knowledge, attitudes, and practices of women in perimenopause/menopause worldwide. Providing appropriate assistance during the early period of the menopausal transition could potentially reduce the prevalence of oral health problems in the perimenopausal/menopausal period and improve overall well-being in the later years. 

Researchers from the Australian Centre for Integration of Oral Health (ACIOH), Western Sydney university invite you to participate in their study. This study aims to explore the current role and experiences of General practitioners/Practice nurses in promoting oral health among women approaching or in menopause.

Participation will involve a 20–30-minute interview. The interview will be conducted at a convenient time for you using either phone, online platforms like zoom, or face-to-face. The valuable information you provide will assist in the development of strategies to support future resources and training programs around oral health care and menopause. Participation is voluntary and the information you provide will be strictly confidential. 

GPs and Practice Nurses who would like to participate in an interview may express interest here.
For further information refer to the Participant Information Sheet.

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