Telehealth Support Grant

Telehealth Support Grant

Country SA PHN is providing support to country Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACFs) with the costs associated with establishing suitable telehealth solutions by offering Telehealth Support Grants. This will increase the access to telehealth care for use by primary health care providers such as GPs, Nurses and Allied Health professionals, who will be able to provide patient care virtually, benefitting the residents, RACF staff and the primary care providers.

Key Features of the Telehealth Support Grant:

  • Financial Assistance: The grant provides financial support to eligible aged care organizations to facilitate the setup, training, and maintenance of telehealth infrastructure.
  • Training and Education: A comprehensive training program will be offered to healthcare professionals to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to effectively utilise telehealth technology and provide high-quality care remotely.
  • Technological Implementation: The grant will cover the costs associated with acquiring and implementing telehealth equipment, software, and systems tailored to the specific needs of aged care settings.

This Grant has now been closed.

We had high interest across the Country SA region with 77 RACFs being approved for funding and assistance with training and education support.

Stay tuned for updates on the grant application process, success stories from organizations that have already embraced telehealth, and valuable resources to help you navigate the telehealth landscape in aged care.

The Aged Care team can be contacted for any queries, feedback or input at:

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