Trauma-informed Care training for general practice staff

This brief introductory course on Trauma-informed Care has been tailored for a range of professionals who work in General Practice or Community Health settings: General Practitioners, nurses, mental health providers, other allied health providers, medical receptionists, practice managers, working in communities affected by disasters.

You will learn principles of Trauma-informed Care (TIC) — an evidence-informed approach to interacting with individuals and communities who have experienced a potentially traumatic event such as a bushfire.

These principles help to create an environment in which your work with a trauma-impacted person allows for their recovery from trauma, as well a supporting your own wellbeing.

You will learn about and practice key aspects of TIC, including:

  • understanding the impacts of trauma
  • simple strategies to teach trauma-impacted people to help them deal with their distress.
  • how to safely talk about and manage trauma disclosure
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