Turning the Tide for Birth and Breastfeeding

Friday 25 February until Saturday 26 February 2022

Optional Workshops: Thursday 24 February & Sunday 27 February 2022

Friday 25 February 2022

Mary Kirk /Joan Garvan - With regard or with disregard: Respectful maternity care

Catherine Chamberlain - Healing the past by nurturing the future: Understanding complex trauma in Aboriginal populations and the implications for breastfeeding

Lisa Amir - Mastitis: Cases and current research

Catherine Bell - The Birth Map: Facilitating communication and informed decision making in maternity services

Norma Barrett - The transition to parenthood. What it means for new fathers

Heather Harris - Causes of low milk supply

Saturday 26 February 2020

Mary Kirk/Joan Garvan - The mother's tale - Women's experiences of maternity care in Australia

Lisa Amir - Reducing the maternal medication barrier to breastfeeding

Phillip Baker - Breastfeeding, first-food systems and corporate power: Understanding the market and political practices of the transnational baby food

Frances Walker - Breastfed babies and food sensitivity: Diet is an option

Nisha Gill - A neuro-physiological approach to trauma minimisation in the perinatal continuum

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