Aged Care

High quality health care for older South Australian’s

Better access to healthcare for South Australia’s priority poulation

Older people in regional areas

An estimated 110,000 adults, or 22% of the population aged 65 years and over reside in country South Australia. High proportion of older people are generally found in the outer regional Local Government Areas of the Country SA PHN region such as in the Fleurieu and Yorke Peninsula.

An ageing population

As this is predicted to rise to 27% over the next decade, CSAPHN is instrumental in improving access to high quality primary healthcare for older South Australians. As a priority population, the needs of older people are explored through our community advisory committees and clinical councils along with service providers, local health networks and general practice.

Preparation for population change

Currently, just over 22% of Country SA PHN’s population is aged over 65 years and this is predicted to increase to 27% over the next 12 years (2020-2032). While the average annual growth of population for over 65s is consistent across all our regions, some of our areas are going to be impacted differently by their overall population growth or decline over the next decade.

Improved health care

Assisting with the population growth

The regions closest to metropolitan Adelaide; Adelaide Hills, and Gawler – Two Wells SA3 are predicted to have the greatest overall population growth however, the proportion of population over 65 does not change as much as other regions with different population projections.

Fleurieu – Kangaroo Island, and Yorke Peninsula SA3s are both areas predicted to continue their growth as popular areas for retirement over the next decade. Country SA PHN will continue to increase support and capacity to assist with this growth.

Health Integration & Coordination

Country SA PHN

Commissioned programs

CSAPHN activities to support ageing

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Residential Aged Care Facility Telehealth Support

Support to Residential Aged Care Facilities to access afterhours medical support when the regular General Practitioner is not available is being provided by Summit Health’s Innovation Project. The service provides telehealth medical assessments using the SA Health endorsed platform Cisco Jabber to the on-call general practitioner located at EDcare.

Better for Life

Southern Cross Care SA/NT delivering online group exercise sessions for 65yrs+ population in the Borassa, Hills, Fleurieu & Kangaroo Island.

Nightingale Nurse Program

A new program by Dementia Australia, which is an outreach specialist nurse service delivering dementia specific palliative care support throughout Country SA

Aged Care Tele-Support Service

Delivered by COTA SA and available throughout Country SA.

Psychological therapies in Residential Aged Care Facilities

Psychological therapies in Residential Aged Care Facilities service is provided by Mind Australia, Community Options Australia Limited, FocusOne Health, Country and Outback Healthand Sonder. The program is an in-reach services to enable residents of Residential Aged Care Facilities with mental illness to access mental health services similar to those available in the community through the Better Access to psychologists, Psychiatrists and General Practice through the MBS Initiative (Better Access).