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Healthdirect Australia

Fast and simple expert advice about any health issue

Speak with a registered nurse 24/7

We all feel better when we know what to do. That’s the idea behind healthdirect’s health advice line: fast and simple expert advice about any health issue and what to do next. Every time you call healthdirect you’ll talk directly with a registered nurse.

Healthdirect provides a 24 hour service you can use any time. They can also help with general health information and direct you to local health services. Calls from landline phones are free, mobile charges may apply.

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What happens when you call Healthdirect?

Health information & advice

Anywhere, anytime

The healthdirect service is not meant to replace your doctor or the 000 emergency number and does not provide diagnosis. It’s there to back you up if you’re not sure what to do or can’t decide whether your health problem is an emergency. Healthdirect is an additional source of health advice that is always available to anyone: all you need is the phone.

Service referral based on need

A registered nurse will assess your needs and work out how urgent and serious the situation is. The nurse will provide information and advice and will recommend what to do next. Where necessary, they will provide first aid advice to help you handle the situation until help arrives. They will connect you to the appropriate emergency service should you need it.

An Australian Government initiative

Healthdirect Australia is a joint initiative of the Australian Government and the governments of the ACT, NSW, NT, SA, Tasmania and WA. It provides Australians with an efficient and expert source of health related information and advice.