Country Wellness Connections (CWC)

Community-based mental health support

Incorporating the NPS-Measures and CoS Program

What is Country Wellness Connections?

Country Wellness Connections (CWC) is a free community-based mental health support program that provides people living with a severe mental illness the opportunity to work with a CWC Support Worker to identify their individual needs and achieve their own recovery goals.

Through accessing CWC, eligible participants can receive a range of non-clinical supports and activities that can either be received at an individual or group level.

CWC incorporates both the National Psychosocial Support Measure (NPS-M) and Continuity of Support (CoS) Programs. For more information on these programs, please visit the Department of Health’s website.

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How can I access Country Wellness Connections?

Please click here to be directed the CWC Psychosocial Services Directory where you can find contact details for the below organisations providing CWC in their respective Country SA PHN regions.

Kelly Smith

Project Officer, Mental Health & AOD

Service Providers Regions

Table 1: Snapshot of Psychosocial Supports available

Community Based Psychosocial SupportsWho is this forService Description
NDISPeople with severe mental illness which is associated with a significant and enduring psychosocial functional disability.Potentially ongoing psychosocial disability services and care coordination delivered as part of an individualised care package.
Continuity of Support (CoS)**Former Commonwealth Community Mental Health (CCMH) clients of PHaMs, PIR and D2DL who have been found ineligible for supports under the NDIS.CCMH clients who have tested and been deemed ineligible for the NDIS will continue to be supported to address individual needs and complement clinical mental health and physical health services.
National Psychosocial Support Measure (NPS-M)**People who are not more appropriately supported through the NDIS or CoS arrangements but are significantly affected by severe mental illness, which has an impact on their psychosocial functional capacity.Less intense psychosocial support services to build psychosocial functional capacity that address individual needs and complement clinical mental health and physical health services.
National Psychosocial Support Transition (NPS-T)Former CCMH clients of PHaMs, PIR and D2DL who are yet to test eligibility for the NDIS or who have not yet transitioned to the NDIS or CoS.CCMH clients will continue to receive appropriate levels of support while they are supported to test eligibility for the NDIS or transition to ongoing supports by 30 June 2021.
Mainstream community support programs, and/or informal family and social support and connectionsPeople not more appropriately supported by NDIS who are affected by severe mental illness, but who do not have significantly reduced psychosocial functional capacity.Non-specialised services available if required. These could include mainstream vocational, social support or family support services.
Informal social support and connections could also come from family or friends.

** those highlighted green are provided through Country SA PHN’s Country Wellness Connections Program