What is the Immunisation program?

Reduce the incidence of vaccine preventable infectious diseases

Reduce infectious diseases

Country SA PHN works with stakeholders and Immunisation providers to maintain and improve childhood immunisation coverage rates across our region to reduce the incidence of vaccine preventable infectious diseases.

Safe & effective vaccinations

We aim to promote, support and encourage the provision of safe, effective and timely vaccinations through general practice, community health services or other providers.

What does the Immunisation program do?

CSAPHN’s immunisation program

The program includes:

  • Promotes the importance of timely immunisation to our local community
  • Acts as an immunisation reference for further immunisation advice
  • Facilitates interdisciplinary education activities
  • Disseminates important immunisation updates and changes in the vaccination schedule/cold chain management to both public and health professionals

After Hours Care

Immunisation Activity

Vaccinations are for everyone

Vaccination is for everyone in every community and across the age spectrum. Vaccination is a safe and effective way of protecting yourself and those around you. To optimise protection, most vaccines need to be given several times in order to build long lasting protection so it’s important for both children and adults to complete the full schedule of vaccinations recommended to them across their lives.

Practice Advocacy

The Health Integration & Coordination works with practices to ensure that country South Australians are receiving the right care, in the right place, at the right time. The aim of the After-Hours Immunisation Activity is to support General Practice and Pharmacy to provide access for clients who are unable to attend a clinic during business hours receive Flu Vaccinations in the After-Hours period.

Health Integration & Coordination

Country SA PHN