Alcohol & Other Drugs


Commonwealth Funded

Improving health & social outcomes

The Drug and Alcohol Program provides Commonwealth funding for drug and alcohol related activities and aims to achieve improved health and social outcomes for individuals, families, and communities at risk of, or currently affected by, substance misuse in Australia.

Country SA PHN commissions a diverse range of Alcohol and Other Drug (AOD) treatment services and activities across regional, rural and remote South Australia.

Goals underpinning our services

Providing support for those at risk of substance misuse

  • Building capacity for reducing and treating illicit drug use
  • Using evidence-based models of good practice to achieve improved quality of life and reduced drug use
  • Supporting region specific, cross-sectoral, and integrated approaches to drug and alcohol treatment
  • Improving physiological, psychological and social functioning for individuals undergoing AOD treatment
  • Facilitating flexible and stepped care models tailored to individual need and stage of change
  • Promote linkages with broader health and support services, including mental health services, to better support integrated/ coordinated treatment and referral pathways to support clients with comorbid mental health disorders

  • Ensure targeted and culturally appropriate drug and alcohol treatment services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people which link to broader Indigenous health services; and
  • Promote quality improvement approaches and support primary health professionals and specialists through education and training.

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Country SA PHN Alcohol and Other Drugs program is comprised of two funding streams

The National Ice Action Strategy

The NIAS was established in 2015 in response to increased rates of Ice use and drug related harm.

The initiative aims to reduce the prevalence of use in addition to providing early intervention and treatment options and further access to AOD services.

Non-Government Organisation treatment grants program

NGOTGP was established in 1997 as a result of the Australian Government’s commitment to improving options for those seeking treatment for their substance abuse.

The funding aims to strengthen the capacity of non-government drug and alcohol organisations to achieve improved service outcomes and to increase the prevalence of treatment opportunities.

Activity Work Plan
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