Bowel Cancer Screening Project

Understanding the perspectives of general practice toward the Australian National Bowel Cancer Screening Program:  a qualitative study to inform the co-design of a general practice led intervention. 

The Daffodil Centre has been funded to undertake a project for 3 years called MAIL, GP & SCALE. The project aims to increase National Bowel Cancer Screening Program (NBCSP) participation.

The project will statistically evaluate different interventions to obtain the optimal combination of interventions to increase bowel cancer screening. This will help inform a policy recommendation and national scale-up plan.

The general practice led intervention will be co-designed via focus groups with GPs and practice staff from across the nation. The co-design will elicit the perspectives of GPs on their current involvement in endorsing bowel screening, what components the intervention should be comprised of and what strategies will support the intervention in practice.

Who is eligible to participate?

GPs, practice nurses, practice managers and administrative staff that works within an accredited Australian general practice with two or more GPs.

The GP or practice staff member would receive reimbursement of $200AU voucher for 60-90 mins of their time online. Consent is obtained through an online form

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