Easy Moves Exercise Class and Yorke Peninsula (Paskeville) Field Day RHIF Grants

Rural Health Innovation Fund Coordinator Trudi Penrose-Starr had the privilege of meeting the Easy Moves Exercise Class facilitated by Jo Minks as part of Port Vincent Progress Association’s Rural Health Innovation Fund grant.

This class epitomizes all that is wonderful about a local community coming together. For some participants it is part of their medical rehabilitation that they otherwise cannot access, for others it is their weekly exercise and for all I would say it is their social connection to each other.

Trudi was thrilled that the Rural Health Innovation Fund has funded such an incredible program.

“Thank you very much for welcoming me to your class, even though I wasn’t the most coordinated,” joked Trudi Penrose-Starr.

“It was lovely to share your experiences and thanks for the incredible morning tea.”

Trudi Penrose-Starr  also attended the Yorke Peninsula (Paskeville) Field Day and had the pleasure of catching up with Rural Health Innovation Fund grant recipient Diabetes SA.  The grant enabled Diabetes SA to attend the field days to provide Type 2 diabetes awareness and screening program to the local community and beyond.

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