LivingWorks Start

As we respond to the challenges of the recent South Australian drought, bushfires and COVID-19 crises, many people are experiencing increased isolation, losses, and anxiety. Now more than ever, we need effective suicide prevention skills.

That’s where LivingWorks Start comes in. In as little as one hour, this online interactive training program will give you the skills to recognise when someone is having thoughts of suicide and provide you with the skills and knowledge to keep family, friends, co-workers, and others safe from suicide – even from a distance.

How LivingWorks Start can help you

  • Become more comfortable talking about suicide
  • Keep a loved one safe in times of distress
  • Support friends and co-workers
  • Build professional skills
  • Have peace of mind knowing you’re ready to help

Training Features

  • Free for those who live in Country SA
  • Skills can be learned and applied remotely with any computer or device
  • High-quality content and simulations
  • Proven to increase skills and confidence in talking to someone about suicide
  • Lifetime access to resources and refreshers

Ready to get started?

To undertake LivingWorks Start, click on the button below and use the registration code CSA to access the training for free.

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