Palliative Care Connect - New Statewide Palliative Care Navigation Service

SA Health received a grant from the Australian Government to pilot an end-of-life service navigation model. The Health Services Programs Branch is now developing and commissioning a suite of services under the name Palliative Care Connect.

Palliative Care Connect will assist people to better understand and access palliative care and bereavement supports in South Australia. It will also invest in volunteer coordination and consumer-centric access to information and resources online.

On 9 October 2023 we are launching the first component of Palliative Care Connect which is the Statewide Palliative Care Navigation Service. This launch will allow us to pilot and test service components in the early development phase, and refine aspects in readiness for a formal launch of the entire program in 2024. Palliative Care Navigators (registered nurses and allied health professionals) will be available through the information line to provide information, service linkage, and empower individuals to make choices in alignment with their culture and preferences. Palliative Care Navigators will also support general practitioners, palliative care units, other hospital units and community based teams and SAAS in organising and linking people to appropriate palliative care and relevant community-based services.

To talk to a Palliative Care Navigator, call 1-800-725-548 (PALLI8), Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:00pm - from 9 October 2023. Alternatively you can email the Navigators on

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