Rainbow Discovery SA

The Equality Project, in partnership with Fay Fuller Foundation and support from Country SA PHN, have been embarking on a discovery explorative project focusing on the Rainbow communities of South Australia.

In this first phase we are meeting with people to understand and map what the current gaps, opportunities and challenges are for the LGBTIQA+ community in SA to connect, network and support each other.

We want to speak with communities, gather stories, data and information around changing the way we respond to mental health for LGBTIQA+ people across all South Australia. We want to talk to as many members of communities as we can, as well as rainbow organisations, health professionals, service providers and the Government.

Alongside researching what has the biggest positive impact on LGBTIQA+ mental health, and what needs improving, we will be also mapping all the rainbow initiatives currently occurring within South Australia. This will enable us to show communities and organisations exactly what the Rainbow Communities look like, what is running and how they are all connected.

We hope this information will guide phase 2 of how we improve connections between communities, bridge gaps and empower LGBTIQA+ people within their own regions to live full well lives.

If you or your organisation would like to be “interviewed”, have a chat, have us visit their region et. please reach out to: Marie Southward at

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