Short Term Restorative Care

The Short Term Restorative Care (STRC) program is a short-term, community-based program for older people who need support with returning to baseline function to complete everyday tasks, improve wellbeing and independence. Typically, these people have had a fall at home and injured themselves or have noticed their physical function has declined.

Has your patient:

  • Had multiple falls at home and needs support with improving their balance and strength?
  • Been unwell and requires support to get back to their baseline function?
  • Requested support to achieve their short-term, restorative goals?
  • Decreased their independence and able to improve this with short term restorative care?

Then they may benefit from a Short-Term Restorative Care program. Our restorative care team is part of the Community and Allied Health team and includes Nursing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Allied Health Assistants and Community Care Workers. The team is based in Port Lincoln, but STRC services can be provided to clients across the Eyre and Far North Local Health Network. To make a referral, complete a request for a comprehensive ACAT assessment on the My Aged Care website. Select “Apply for an Assessment Online” under the “Assessment” heading

Apply for an aged care assessment online | My Aged Care

Clients are not eligible if they are receiving a Home Care Package

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