Telehealth Mood Management Group

The Black Dog Institute Psychology Clinic will be offering an 11-session cognitive-behavioural therapy group for depression and anxiety via telehealth. The course is suitable for adult patients with depression or mixed depression-anxiety. 

The first round of the course will be held on Tuesdays 2-4pm (commencing on 31 January 2023) and will be offered at no out-of-pocket cost to patients. The course will be repeated later in the year on alternate days, and future rounds will incur a small fee.  

The Mood Management Course (MMC) is a group cognitive-behavioural therapy program focused on breaking the cycle of depression and anxiety.

The psychologist facilitating the group will guide you in exploring different habits, activities, and ways of thinking that could improve your symptoms, and you will be asked to complete tasks in your daily life to practice these strategies. You will learn:

  • Information about the vicious cycle of depression and anxiety
  • How to identify and practice activities that help you feel pleasure and achievement
  • How to identify and address unhelpful thinking habits
  • Strategies to tackle avoidance by breaking tasks down into manageable steps

Please see our webpage for further information: Group Therapy Services - Black Dog Institute 

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