Aged Care Registered Nurses' Payment

In the 2021-22 Budget, the Australian Government announced a payment for registered nurses working in residential aged care, home care and Commonwealth Home Support Programme settings. This payment recognises the integral role of registered nurses in delivering high quality aged care to our senior Australians. Registered nurses working in aged care may be eligible for up to $3,700, with an additional payment of up to $2,300 for meeting other criteria including working in a rural and remote area.

Information for registered nurses and aged care providers is available here go to the Department of Health and Aged Care website - Aged Care Registered Nurses' Payment

Approved aged care providers are responsible to apply for this payment on behalf of their eligible workforce. Providers can register on GrantConnect to be notified of the Aged Care Registered Nurses' Payment and other grant opportunities offered by the Department of Health and Aged Care. Register at GrantConnect.     

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