Chronic disease Team Care Arrangements (TCA’s) and Case Conferences

In Australia, most care for people with chronic conditions is provided in the primary health care setting. Primary health provides a range of services delivered outside of hospitals and represents the front line of Australia’s health care system.

While GPs are the cornerstone of primary health care in Australia, care can also be provided through nurses, allied health professionals, pharmacists, dentists and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers and practitioners.

  • GP Management Plan is a plan of action agreed between a patient and their GP. The plan identifies the patient’s health and care needs, sets out the services to be provided by the GP, and lists the actions the patient can take to help manage their condition.
  • Team Care Arrangement involves at least 2 other collaborating health or care providers, one of whom may be another medical practitioner. Case conferencing provides an opportunity for GPs and the other service providers involved in the team care arrangement to discuss complex patient cases, optimise patient care and enable positive health outcomes for all eligible patients.

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