GoShare Practice Registration Reminder

Country SA PHN is funding GoShare for general practices to support quality improvement and provide preventive health activities within our region.

What is GoShare Plus?

GoShare Plus is a ‘next generation’ SMS recall and reminder tool that brings together CAT4’s health analytics capability with GoShare’s extensive content library.

It enables Practice staff to send engaging health resources to patient lists based on search/filter or reporting criteria.

What GoShare Plus is used for

GoShare Plus allows a Practice staff member to generate a list of patients to receive information imbedded as a link in an SMS.  It can increase patient understanding and motivation to participate in preventative health campaigns and quality improvement activities. For example, GoShare Plus can be used to encourage participation in Breast, Bowel and Cervial Screening Programs or to drive patient uptake in health assessments.  There are also the following bundles available:

  • Home Medicines Reviews recall
  • Quality Improvement Measures (QIM)
  • Health Check (45-49yo)
  • Health Check (79yo)
  • 715 Health Assessment
  • Flu Immunisation recall
  • Mental Health -various
  • Shingles Vaccination
  • COVID-19 (Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders)
  • See your GP Reminder
  • HEP C

Through CAT4, GoShare Plus is currently compatible with Best Practice, Medical Director, Zedmed, Genie, Medtech, Communicare, MMEX, PCIS and others.

To have access to GoShare, fill out this form and nominate the health areas and content you would prioritise to engage your patients. Expression of Interest can be accessed here  Link to form

A short video about GoShare can be accessed here

The Primary Care Support Team can provide training to practices following any GoShare activity including PDSA templates and PenCS training.  The team can be contacted at

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