Initial Assessment and Referral Decision Support Tool -5 levels of care

Initial Assessment and Referral Decision Support Tool uses 8 initial assessment domains that are used to match the clients to one of the 5 appropriate levels of care.

Why use the IAR-DST?

Consistent and transparent referrals: The IAR-DST is being progressively introduced across federal and state mental health services, harmonising the approach to referrals and service provision right across the sector.

Improved patient outcomes: Effective communication of a consumer's circumstances will ensure that they are matched to the most appropriate service for their needs, minimising their time within the primary care system while maximising their opportunities for improved health outcomes.

Flexible clinical decision making: The IAR-DST is used in conjunction with other standardised assessment tools and clinical judgement to help the consumer make the most appropriate plan, while being able to flexibly adjust treatment needs in response to changes in their circumstances.

Improved workflow: Integration of the IAR-DST within existing primary care systems and mapping of available services to each level of care will streamline decision-making processes and reduce overall administrative load.

Want to try the Initial Assessment and Referral Decision Support Tool out for yourself?  If you would like to have a look at the IAR-DST please click here

(The Initial Assessment and Referral Decision Support Tool does not replace clinical judgment based on presentation. Your clinical judgment is irreplaceable)

CSAPHN realise and value the importance of working collaboratively throughout the life of the Initial Assessment and Referral Project and Sally or Maria will be ready to support you until for several years to come. 

How to reach us…

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