PenCS Awards

Congratulations Goolwa Medical Centre for being honoured by receiving the Patient Centred Care award at the PenCS Awards this month

The entire team have been involved in the coordination and completion of 111 Heart Health and 45-49 Health Checks, starting from nil in early 2022.

The medical centre staff have also been involved in a new DVA (CVC) program within the practice. After six months, they have over 20 young VET patients accepting care from within the community.

Practice Manager Sandy Merkx said “having everything 'at a glance' has been invaluable to all staff, from reception to our doctors. Without the Topbar notification of eligibility for patients to have their preventative health checks, they would not have the opportunity to be screened. Early detection of chronic disease is essential for future hospital and health 'backlog' issues. Keeping the community safe & people in their homes for as long as safely possible, is rewarding.”

A special mention to Broughton Clinic who was also nominated for the PenCS awards in the outstanding work they provided in the Shingles Prevention GoShare trial and received a 64% response rate.


The following General Practitioners and General Practice have recently been honoured and Country SA PHN extend congratulations to the following:

  • Dr Holly Deer from Crystal Brook Medical Practice awarded the RACGP GP of the Year
  • Dr Gerard Quigley from Lower Eyre Family Practice awarded ACRRM-RDAA Peter Graham “Cohuna” Award
  • Berri Medical Clinic awarded the RACGP Practice of the Year
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